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Why Study in Canada?

Canada's universities share a key strength: their high quality. Canadian universities have a long record of providing an accessible university education to students from across Canada and around the world. Reflecting the rich history many cultures and traditions, Canadian universities offer a mix of opportunities in a variety of educational settings.

The 89 Universities that are members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada are located across the country, with institutions in every Canadian province. Taken together, they offer a wide range of courses. In addition to universities, Canada's postsecondary system includes 175 community colleges, which respond to the training needs of business, industry and the public service, as well as the educational needs of vocationally oriented secondary school graduates. These colleges, also known as institutes of technology, university colleges or CEGEPS, historically offered diplomas and certificates rather than degrees. Today, some offer degrees themselves, and a number offer university transfer programs or provide programs jointly with neighboring universities.

Canada Universities and Colleges ?

1. University of Toronto
2. Mc Master University
3. Waterloo University
4. Dalhousie University
5 .Mc Grill University
6. Centennial College

7. Humber College
8. Seneca College
9. York College
10. Manitoba College and University
11. Vancouver Island University
12. University Of Windsor
13. University of Regina
14. North Island College
15. Fairleigh Dickinson University